What is Web Hosting?

The process of renting bandwidth and disk space to setup a website of your own is called webhosting.
You can get a free webhosting. There are numerous web hosts that provide free webhosting like Doteasy.com , 110mb and many more web hosting companies (more than 250). But most of them place ads on your website and it can become annoying.

Anyway nothing beats paid hosting. Paid hosting is always reliable than free hosts and they allow ads on your websites. There are many types of webhosting like

Free web hosting
Reseller webhosting
Shared web hosting
Dedicated Webhosting


adrin said...

This topic is as interesting as all. I just wondered that I have found this kind of blog. Thanks!!!

How to make a website

HeliumsWillams said...

After registering the Domain name for a website you need to host it..Without hosting a site you cannot make it view all over the world through browser...So to make the site viewable all over the world hosting is important..The process buying a space in a server or buying a own server to store your site is known as "Website Hosting" ..You can visit www.thewebpole.com get website hosting service at low cost and host your sites.
Before choosing the provider ,
you need to consider the plans,support,customer reviews,their existence and finally price.Using these keys you can easily find the best hosting provider.

Note:Free Hosting is best for small websites,to host big websites you can go for paid website hosting...

Web Hosting

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