Domain Name

For your web pages to be served to the world they must be kept on a webserver which send them to every visitor or client that requests them. Suppose if your webserver has an internet ip address The user or a visitor has to type to acces you home page. As you can see how awkard it is to type the internet ip address and most of the users forget them (they dont remember all those numbers). Now if you register a domain name like then the ip address gets associated with the domain name. When a  visitor types in his browser, it requests the domain naming servers to resolve the ip associated with which gives the ip address associated with that domain name. Domain  is one of the important  factors of website. Suppose if you search for fruit in google the site appears in the first ten results. The domain name keywords are very important in search engine optimization. Choosing domain with relevant domain name can boost your traffic. Domain names are also very convinient to promote (like visit my website ) and easy to remember. Also keep in mind to choose short domain names without  any hifens ..


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