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What is Virtual Hosting?

Virtual hosting is same as share hosting. Shared hosting or virtual hosting means that you are sharing the web space or bandwidth of the server with other many websites. Usually there are few websites that require dedicated hosting. Shared hosting suffices the need of most people and this option is reliable and cheap or affordable. Dedicated hosting costs from 150$ /month where as you can get a very good shared hosting for 100$/year.
But there are limitations to shared hosting. In shared hosting you will be sharing the server's CPU & memory (ram) with other many more websites. Shared hosting is recommended for websites that have traffic less than 100,000/month (one hundred thousand).

What is Web Hosting?

The process of renting bandwidth and disk space to setup a website of your own is called webhosting.
You can get a free webhosting. There are numerous web hosts that provide free webhosting like , 110mb and many more web hosting companies (more than 250). But most of them place ads on your website and it can become annoying.

Anyway nothing beats paid hosting. Paid hosting is always reliable than free hosts and they allow ads on your websites. There are many types of webhosting like

Free web hosting
Reseller webhosting
Shared web hosting
Dedicated Webhosting

Operation System in Webhosting

You have to choose in which OS (operating system) your website will be hosted in. Most of the web hosting providers give option to choose either Unix or BSD like system or Windows. If need to run web applications based on .asp, .netMS SQL, SBS you have to host your website on windows server. If you want to run cronjobs or other unix based applications you have to use unix or linux servers. There are some differences while making a website which will be hosted on linux and windows servers. If you are building you website to host on a linux server you have to name your extension of html files as .htm and .shtml files as .shtm .

Domain Name

For your web pages to be served to the world they must be kept on a webserver which send them to every visitor or client that requests them. Suppose if your webserver has an internet ip address The user or a visitor has to type to acces you home page. As you can see how awkard it is to type the internet ip address and most of the users forget them (they dont remember all those numbers). Now if you register a domain name like then the ip address gets associated with the domain name. When a  visitor types in his browser, it requests the domain naming servers to resolve the ip associated with which gives the ip address associated with that domain name. Domain  is one of the important  factors of website. Suppose if you search for fruit in google the site appears in the first ten results. The domain name keywords are very important in search engine optimization. Choosing domain with relevant domain name can boost your traffic. Domain names are also very convinient to promote (like visit my website ) and easy to remember. Also keep in mind to choose short domain names without  any hifens ..


Database are applications which store information in tables. Most of the modern applications and content management systems like wordpress, drupal , blogs and forums. The most popular web database applications are Mysql, oracle and Microsoft's SQL server. Mysql is most inexpensive and reliable option. Database applications are heavy on server. They limit the performance of servers. Webhosting companies take extra care in giving access to mysql access. Many free web hosts provide mysql but most of the time their service is unreliable due to bad performace of servers. Most of the time the cause is due to heavily abused Mysql. Due to these performance issues, mysql and webserver (like apache or Microsoft server ) are installed on seperate box or machines for scalability and performance. Website with very huge traffice use Microsoft sql server or oracle which are generally robust.

Email Accounts

You can create email accounts in your web server. These email accounts are important. Normally if you want to register in ad programs like tribal fusion, you need to apply with email account created on these servers. They don't accept emails which depend on service of yahoo & google etc.. Some email examples like Most of these email accounts are accessable from email clients like outlook or thinderbird. Most of these email accounts has very small email size like 100mb. So don't use them for storing you personal files. You have to use them only for text messages and delete spam quickly. All web hosts mentions the types of services like pop3 or smtp which will allow you to access these email accouts using eudora or other email clients. There are also limit to no of email accounts you can create. So choose the plan according to your requirement. Of course you can also access these accounts from web browser like firefox or opera

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