Bandwidth in Website hosting

Bandwidth is one of the most important part and costliest part in the your webhosting package. What is bandwidth anyway? When a visitors visits your site, server send out webpages or video content to the visitor. When i enter in the web browser like mozilla or firefox or opera, the webserver sends me the home page of that website. A webpage consists of lot of text and images. All of that text & images have to be downloaded first in your computer before you can view them. Usually most of the pages are of about 20kb. Whenever a browser requests the home page 20kb of data is transferred to that computer. Bandwidth is the data transferred froms server to the visitor. In the above action about 20kb of bandwidth is used. bandwidth usage of you website depends on the no of views your website is getting every month. If your website hase large no of video and audio files or pictures, bandwidth usage will be high (depend on how many views you video file gets). Most of the web hosting companies gives you a lot of bandwidth. If you are owning a personal website the bandwidth usage hardly exceed 5gb. A business website may demand more bandwidth. Large webhosts might exceed 5gb in disk space (only text files). And the no of page view is more than million. Which consumes large amount of bandwidth. Large companies lease dedicated hosting where bandwidth is redundant ( twice or thrice the amount of bandwidth required).


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