What is disk space or disk storage in web hosting?

Each page of your website occupies some space. Normally a webpage (.html file) is of size 20Kb. But if you have video files or audio file sthey might occupy more space(ranges from 5mb to grater than 1gb) and pictures occupy large space.  So you have to choose yur plan according to the no of pages you are going to put on your website. Most of the time 5 gb will be a lot of space for personal webhosting. If you are starting a business website i suggest you take some good plan with redundant webspace (as you will be adding video tutorials or audio files to enhance your web functionality). Disk space is one of the limited resource available in webhosting. Most of the webhosting companies limits your webhosting space or charge you for each of 5Gb or 1GB extra space.


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